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Contest  hiverversteckt
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Merry ChristmasTo my sweet friend! Have a wonderful week!!
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WeihnachtshundHello dear Berdina, thank you very much for your magical present. I'm very happy about it, because I love cats more than anything. I also have 2 cats, they are 3 years old. I wish you a nice Friday and a good start to the weekend. Greetings from Heidi
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Muguetmerci pour tout my sweet kisssssssssss love
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winter greetings 💙By CattyGirl💙versteckt
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sweet little angelsfor you my dear friend. May the angels watchover you.
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Kaz_Creations 09/11/2021🎄 Happy Christmas Berdina, When It Comes Love & Hugs Kaz 🎄
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⛄ Hello Décembre ⛄versteckt
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"Fantasy" Décembre _ Impressions of winterversteckt
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Merci pour toutversteckt
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Merry  Christmas 27  11  21versteckt
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кофе для васКофе для Вас
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Dla CiebiePozdrawiam i dziękuję za pamięć
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PrzekazPozdrawiam i dziękuję za pamięć
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Happy 1. Advent  my dear FriendDear Friend. Berdina. Blessed 1 Advent Sunday I wish you , kisses and hugs, Edith
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Kaz_Creations 25/09/2021Have a Nice Day…Love & Hugs Kaz💐
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Snow Maiden
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Ma passion pour les chatsTHANK YOU for all Have a nice Friday and a beautiful week-end Hugs & friendship kisses - anny
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Para sempreversteckt
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happy Thanksgiving day@};- 💌 @};-for you my dear Berdina@};- 💌 @};-
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Najmądrzejszą odpowiedzią - przekazPozdrawiam i życzę zdrowia
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Nature morteversteckt
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waiting christmas...versteckt
die 6 november 2021
Vintage girlTHANK YOU for your visits and appreciations Have a nice evening and a lovely week-end Hugs & friendship kisses - anny
die 5 november 2021
Bonjour   Novembreversteckt
die 5 november 2021
Chat Mignon avec fleurs contestversteckt
die 4 november 2021
die 4 november 2021
Piraten PaarThank you for all of your nice comments and ratings. I am always very happy when someone likes some of my pictures. Heidi wishes you a nice Thursday
die 4 november 2021
autumn bouquetvoor jou mijn lieve vriendin.
die 1 november 2021
Oiseaux   au   paysage  d'hiver 1 11 21versteckt
die 1 november 2021
Dieser PicMix existiert nicht mehr oder Ihre Datenschutzeinstellungen verhindern die Anzeige.wish you the very best winter and early christmas greeting 🌹❤🌹
die 1 november 2021
Bricapour te dire merci pour tout
die 31 oktober 2021
Dziękuję że jesteśPozdrawiam Dziękuję za wszystko i życzę zdrowia
die 26 oktober 2021
Moon AngelFor you my dear friend!!!
die 21 oktober 2021
Veel sterkte.Voor jou voor morgen, denk aan je
die 15 oktober 2021
Kaz_Creations 04/10/2021Have a Nice Day, Love & Hugs Kaz x
die 13 oktober 2021
happy fallThank youmy dear friend for your lovely gift. I wish you a nice weekend. Hugs Meggie.
die 9 oktober 2021
Best FriendsBest Friends forever, for you sweety. Have a nice weekend. Liefs Carla
die 9 oktober 2021
GifFor you dearly, all good thoughts!
die 9 oktober 2021
Halloween BeautyFor you my sweet friend Berdina! Thanks for the rates/vote! Have a wonderful day!!!
die 8 oktober 2021
die 4 oktober 2021
Amitié automnaleThank you for your beautiful and faithful friendship dearest Berdina ... Kisses from the heart @};- :x >:D< :x
die 1 oktober 2021
Weekend 💙By CattyGirl💙versteckt
die 1 oktober 2021
Un bon caféBonjour douce journée merci ❀ Domi
die 1 oktober 2021
Beautiful dayThank you for your friendship Hugs & kisses - anny
die 30 september 2021
Kaz_Creations 26/09/2021Have a Wonderful Day ,Love & Hugs Kaz x
die 28 september 2021
Contest     Merci   27 09 21versteckt
die 27 september 2021
die 27 september 2021
die 26 september 2021
Friendship be true.For you dear friend. Have a nice day. Hugs Your Carla xxx
die 24 september 2021