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PicMix von Ladybird.

Peaceful moment - PSP and PicMix animation
The lunar fairy fascinated by the evening star - PSP and PicMix animation
The Fourth Dimension - Creation PSP and PicMix animation - The imagination is without limit, it does not limit us to the world of the visible and it takes us in quite different vibrations...
Present for You - Hello my Friend - It is for each thus granted to the singular -  A lot of Kisses !! Have a nice Day !!
GOOD WEEK in ALL - Ylona, the mysterious... - PSP with animation PicMix
Lady Gothic and her studed parrots - PSP and PicMix animation ------- Gothic song -  Beautiful bride, I like your tears! It is the dew Which becomes to flowers. The beautiful things have only a spring, Let us.
PRESENT FOR MY LITTLE SISTER - She like Coco Chanel - Blingee and PicMix Animation
Sonata by moonlight for Lady Carnaval  - PSP creation  with PicMix animation
Princess of the Thousand and one Night of East - PSP and PicMix animation - The Look ------ I saw appeals more shrill than shouts there, The most beautiful sentences, surer than in writing. They tell you love, they tell you the hatred.
Present for my Sister Valéry - Madness of Mode - Blingee and Picmix amination
Beautiful put to sleepy under a cherry tree supplied with sun - Kissed cherries, shefilled her low-fronted shoe with it twinkling - PSP and PicMix animation ------- There was fifteen days, my adored, that you had not come have lunch with me.
<3 <3 <3 In May 31st, 2015 in France - EXCELLENT MOTHER'S DAY !!!  <3 <3 <3