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I'm Autumn/Sunmoonstars from Blingee :)

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Woman and Flowers
· die 18 august 2015
This is Birdtoes from Blingee :)
Cher Lloyd
· die 17 august 2015
Hi Autumn! I'm minellavanilla From Blingee it's nice to see that my friends from Blingee have joined :)
· die 16 august 2015
Hey Buddie! When I saw" wolfgirl"I was like "that;s my girl Autumn " lol
Happy you made it sugar pie
I guess this is our new home hehee
loves ya
Kaz_Creations 21/08/2021
· die 16 august 2015
Hello All My Blingee Friends Nice To Find You all Love & Hugs Kaz x
Hallo, ich habe es geschafft, mein 1. Pic hier..lg@all myfriends..
· die 16 august 2015
HELLO.. I think we'll all be figuring out how to make pictures here, together! If I learn any tricks, I'll let you know! ♥ sweet hugs and kiss your...
· die 16 august 2015
Hi Autumn, I've added you.. don't forget to add me. Huggies!
For  charu_rappel
· die 16 august 2015
Hi, Autumn!
I'am glad that I see you!!!
ME !!!!!!
· die 16 august 2015
hi woolfgirl;-) kiss kiss ;-)
Boudda om mani padme hum
· die 16 august 2015
Hello Autumn/Sunmoonstars woolfgirl:))
Golden Beauty
· die 16 august 2015
Hi sweetie, added you to my friends list...big hugs

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